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Are you searching for a DB2 LUW DBA with a vast knowledge of DB2, Systems Analysis and Design? Well look no further.
With over 20 years of Database management and software developement I can help you build, expand, fine tune or improve your DB2 environment.

Cloud, Data Mining, Big Data


With todays rapid growth of data corporations are looking to leverage and keep up with this ever expanding phenomenon.

DB2 Provides the ultimate database platform to for the Cloud, Data Mining and Big Data. DB2's robust features and extreme flexibility allows for rapid development and deployment of a database infrastructure. This is the reason why DB2 was my database of choice for both the developement of my products and for my clients  products. With my many years of experience I can help your organization with the daily tasks of database installs, management, tuning and advance infrastructure design and implementation.

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English is my primary language, but I am also fluent in French and Portuguese

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Located in Orlando, Florida. I am available for work at client sites and off-site.

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Twitter: @IBMDB2DBA

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Email: RMagnan@DB2LUWDBA.com
Phone: 407-706-8493

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